2017 - 2018


Jewelry is one of the most common “heirlooms” to be passed along in a family. This mini-collection considers my family’s inheritances that are not physical objects. They cannot be commercially valued in the same way, but I believe these non-tangible inheritances have shaped me and my family members more than any trinket would.

I represent each individual family member in nylon disks that are computer generated with an algorithm using the letters of each person’s first name. After 3D printing, I hand paint each piece. I draft the overall structures on the computer, but fabricate them by hand. We do not choose to inherit our heirlooms, but we do decide how to use them. I use both computer generation and hand fabrication, as well as movable elements, to symbolize this dichotomy.

The tactility of the finishes emphasize the physicality of these objects, which represent non-physical things. Cracks, dust and tarnish are signs of aging. Heirlooms are generations old.

IRIS represents the eye color of each individual in my immediate family and is structured like a family tree. EDUCATION represents the three generations of my family that attended the same high school. The structure replicates the school bell tower and each disk includes the individual’s graduation year. GIVEN NAME represents my grandmother, aunt and sister who are all named Margaret. These disks were created using both Margaret and each woman’s nickname in the algorithm to represent how each woman made the name individual to herself.